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Here a 3D Virtual Tour in honor of Ion Mandrescu’s birthday in June, with bronze sculptures from his
series Man, Time, Space.

Enjoy here a 3D Virtual Tour through
the exhibition ART THERAPY (January 2021) from the comfort of your home.

Upcoming Exhibition

Artwork of the week

This weeks artwork is Man in Space (bronze sculpture, 32 x 32 cm) by Ion Mandrescu. In a masterful twist, the artist makes strikingly realistic limb studies into powerful monumental sculptures: these are no classical bozzetto-like pieces but rather genuinely accomplished works of art.

Interesting facts about bronze
Bronze was used by humans as early as 4500 BC. Various objects were found in Luristan (Iran), China, Egypt and Mesopotamia (Iraq).
It is  made of copper and tin, melting point is 980 °C. The metal doesn’t rust, but can oxidize and a green patina on its surface appears.

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