Opening: Wednesday, 2.8.2017, 7:00pm
Daniela Fainis is present
Duration: 3.8.2017-31.8.2017

Arco Quartet Vienna playing by the opening:

Daniela Făiniș builds the plant from the inside, and it expands into reliefs of porcelain petals, floral imprints, and graphic interventions. She is interested in the physiological process, in transformation and growth, from the stage of the seed, to the one of efflorescence. All these stages are narratively rendered, by means of a single art object, multiplied in dozens of other variations. Buds erupt from within the plant, with the inflorescence drawing the richness of the contour. The artist brings forth to the public fragmentary, organic renderings of stylized plants. Daniela reaffirms the art of the fragment – this time not as deconstructive language of postmodernism, as she has been proposing through her portraits. Instead, she uses it here for its reconstructive character, a technique holding profound meanings for the XIXth century museology (fragments of antique sculpture being shown to the public in order to reconstruct a stage of art history). Here fragments of plants are rethought separately, only to be reunited within an ensemble.” Raluca Băloiu, art historian

Alina Constantin’s limited series of porcelain works feature a variety of decorative origami cranes. Each work illustrates a state, an emotion, an idea, or a story originating from the time spent by the artist on her vacations in Greece, during past five years. She wants to convey to the viewer the fragile, yet solid state of the object, a contrast highlighted by juxtaposing matte and glossy textures. The shape of the crane draws its inspiration from the Japanese culture of origami, where the shape of the crane is the symbol for peace.

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