Francisc Chiuariu

He was born in 1966 in Sibiu (Romania) and graduated from The National University of Art in Bucharest. He was a professor at the same university, Painting Department, between 1993 and 2000. Chiuariu is now known as one of the most significant contemporary Romanian painters.

The artist has a relentless curiosity for exploring the human condition with all its ups and downs, its splendors and uglyness, its thoughts and emotions, he brings together aspects of the real world merging them with fragments of imaginary and fantastic worlds. Shadows, networks, abandoned children depicted as angels are only some of the concepts he explores artistically. The influences and the techniques he uses are dynamic and provocative resulting in a mixture of photorealism, neo-expressionism, urban iconography and abstract surfaces. His series “View From Above” is a mixture of hyperrealism and dream where the human outline is drawn precisely and concretely and emerges from a dynamic color surface or landscape. The FIVE PLUS ART GALLERY exhibited works from this series at the ART VIENNA 2017 in the Leopold Museum. ⒸAD

Video ART VIENNA, art fair, Leopold Museum:



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