Eva Meloun

She was born in Vienna, raised in Upper Austria, painted and wrote since she was a child. Since 1973 worked exclusively as a freelance artist with numerous exhibitions, projects and texts. As a result of this long-term activity, a broad spectrum of her work resulted. Her themes are the symbolism of nature – the elements that contain colors, shapes, tones and spiritual messages and their interplay, which affects the psychological area. The enthusiasm and amazement about nature and the immeasurable diversity have remained with her since childhood until today, influenced by three artistically active generations. For these and other people, books and music she fells gratefulness because everything is interconnected. This for her is the ground on which the love for nature and art could develop. Eva Meloun lives and works in Vienna.

Landscape and abstract image content, objects and material images, as well as cyclical works form the main part of her work.

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