Bogdan Molea

Bogdan Molea was born 1958 in Bucharest, Romania. He graduated with a Master of Fine Art from the Monumental Art and Restoration Section of the ”Nicolae Grigorescu” Fine Art Institute, Bucharest, in 1984. He worked as a cartoon animation designer at “Animafilm Studio”, Bucharest (1979-1980) and then as a curator and conserver at The National Archeology and History Museum in Constanta (1984-1987). Later, Molea worked as an associated professor at The Fine Arts Institute “Nicolae Grigorescu” (1991-1992). Since 1999 he lives in Toronto, Canada, where he started working as a conceptual artist and also a matte painter at DKP-Toronto. In 2002 he received his diploma in 3D Digital Animation-Maya from Seneca College in Toronto, Canada. In 2001 he worked as a conceptual artist and matte painter at DKP-Toronto and between 2002 and 2004 he taught art at Max the Mutt-Animation School in Toronto.

Bogdan Molea describes his work as “perception” because it involves a personal visual experience where the contrast between reality and utopia generates a spiritual transcendental dimension. The artist explores the concept of perspective and also illusory textile structures which create a ”Virtual Space”. He finds the technical difficulties of realistically rendering the materiality of existing or invented objects challenging, but nonetheless satisfying. ⒸAD

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