Bogdan Molea

He was born February 8, 1958, in Bucharest, Romania. Bogdan Molea graduated 1984 with a MFA (Monumental Art, Restoration and Art Teaching) from the University of Bucharest,
Fine Arts Institute “Nicolae Grigorescu”, Bucharest, Romania. At “Animafilm Studio”, Bucharest he was a designer (1979-1980) for cartoon animation and at the National Archeology
and History Museum Constanta, Romania a curator and conservator (1984-1987). From 1991-1992 worked as associated professor, Fine Arts Institute “Nicolae Grigorescu” Bucharest,
Romania. Since 1999 he established residence and studio in Toronto, Canada. In 2002 he received his diploma in 3D Digital Animation- Maya from Seneca College, Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
In 2001 he worked as a concept artist, texture artist and matte painter at DKP-Toronto. From 2002-2004 he teached art at Max the Mutt- Animation School- Toronto.

Bogdan describes his work as “Perception”. His art involves a strong visual experience, in which “The Virtual Space” is the key to analysis and, finally, is itself the reason / subject of “the artistic communication”. The fascination of this illusory game with utopian, pronounced character, dominates any other concept and everything is subordinated to the way of viewing the world. This game has its roots in areas as diverse as the innovations in the geometry of perspective to, simple, and sometimes mundane, visual proposals, or strong and fascinating as the striking images of film and contemporary 3D creations, or to those belonging to the visual repertory of advertising and the media. He is talking about perspective, the geometric science of the late Italian Renaissance, with an exciting proposal to develop the artistic universe based on physiological logic, that of optical perception that generated a new dimension of pictorial space, the third dimension, implicit spiritual.

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