Wing of morning light 4

The artwork of this week is Wings of morning light 5 (44 x 43, hemp embroidery on hand made hemp paper) by Victoria Zidaru. Her visual poetic embroiderys are about rebirth and becoming,
forgiveness and living in balance with the universe. In Victoria Zidaru’s work you feel her respect for our natural resources.

Interesting facts about embroidery
Since eons humans practice the art of embroidery. An archeological survey in Russian revealed clothes decorated with ivory beads,  as old as 30 000 BC. It is suspected that originated in Northern Europe, Egypt and China. In Middle East it became one’s status in society. In the beginning of the 19th century came the machine embroidery. From 1950s mass scale production was common.
Thirty years digitizing embroidery was commercialized.


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