ioan nemtoi


Opening: Tuesday, 19.11.2013, 7:00pm
The artists are present
Duration: 20.11.2013-9.2.2014

The gallery lauches its first exhibition with works from Ioan Nemtoi and Silviu Oravitzan, two extraordinary contemporary Romanian artists. And though they may resort to various means to order the world, center and light are essential themes for both of them.

Silviu Oravitzan’s concepts are transcendence and transparency. Transcendence shows through his work not so much in the form of a powerful intuition of a realm beyond the ordinary, as in that of a creative principle which “speaks” geometry, a language that predates even the Genesis. His works successfully embody the splendour of the sky, revealing its plenitude and promise.

By contrast, the sky in Ion Nemtoi’s sculptures descends onto us with the force of epiphany, blending in force and harmony.  Set aglow like letter-shaped meteors, they set the ground for the Genesis, partaking of a mysterious, purifying fire or, better still, of a “matrix” that orders the chaos of the surrounding world.” Marcel Tolcea

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