echo art


Curator: Rodica-Ioana Ghilea
Concept: Victoria Zidaru

Opening: Wednesday. 17.10.2018, 7:00pm
The artists are present
Duration: 18.10.2018-31.10.2018

With an idiosyncratic approach, each artist tries to define a mystical concept, a fantastic idea called “Paradise”. Atelier-fresh works from 2018 are shown.
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A surprising encounter between three contrasting artistic personalities can be disconcerting and fulfilling at the same time. This show brings together three woman, artists and friends, in a timeless dialogue. With idiosyncratic approach each artist attempts to find ways to define a mystical concept, fantastic space and idea, in search for an intangible dimension named “Paradise”. The show is a blink of a perpetual quest and a subjective proposal for a metaphorical State of Eternity and not a delivered discourse on the subject.

The suspended “Paradisiac State” is not certitude, but rather a virtual reality in line with one’s needs. desires and projections. The “Paradisiac State” is not mandatory, it doesn’t come in a package, it is a gift offered to the attentive one who is willing to build and maintain this suspended state in her/his intimacy and the outer bounds of one’s soul.

Once immersed in the imagery of this show, the dialogue of the exhibited works will only define the infinite variety of manifestations and of spiritual and artistic choices. ⒸBogdan Molea


Anca Sznöyi Thomas works deal with the concept of identity, aging and intergenerational relationships in a powerful dialog with the natural elements and structures: botanical references to the “Garden Eden”. A sharp gesture, an artistically daring approach and subtle references to cultural concepts form a striking contrast to the use of contemporary digital media.

Rodica-Ioana Ghilea loves the act of drawing. In the style of meticulous and complex artists like Albrecht Dürer or Carel Fabritius, she describes her world with amazing details. Depictions of birds, insects and portraits are metaphors for your soul.

Victoria Zidaru with a highly objective presence that is geared towards metaphysical observation, she creates works that can be lived both visually and sensory. She creates her installations from one show to the next with uninterrupted effort and dedication. ⒸA.D. 

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