black and white photography


Opening: Friday, 17.6.2016, 7:00pm
The artist is present
Duration: 18.6.2016-29.6.2016

For Felix Abrudan, the still image retains the innate property to force the viewer to decelerate, to engage the subject matter with all his senses if he should ever unravel the deep and hidden layers of “the large quite image” reflecting his world in ways that elicit deeply rooted emotional and intellectual reactions. The Bricklane Gallery – London, UK 11/2015

“For me art is a display of emotionality tempered by its reduction to a form. Silent Eloquence reflects on the paradoxical configurations shaping the representational traditions of Western art history and in particular the Viennese baroque and classicism, with the goal of creating a visual dialogue stretching between time, medium, form and meaning.


The conceptual arc of this exhibition exposes preconceptions concerning shifting or enduring beauty standards by juxtaposing the grotesque and the sensual while at the same time reflecting on the embedded archetypical association art has assigned to maleness and womanhood. Silent Eloquence is ultimately a call for introspection toward the inherited cultural framework of representation but equally so a challenge to playful reinterpretation.”
Felix Abrudan

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