regina moritz


Opening: Wednesday, 1.2.2018, 7:00pm
The artist is present
Duration: 2.1.2018-14.1.2018

With the series “Bilder aus Wien”, a collage-like combination of painterly and graphic elements, the artist constructs a pictorial language in which the motivic template is perceptible but at the same time “intangible”. The passionately painted surface structures are broken by fraudulent beings in subtle way. Thus, Moritz’s pictures form an analogy to a Viennese dialectic: complicated, complicated, witty.

She calls her ink pictures cenotaphs. Realities that are pre-existent in atmospheres and unnamable longing, sometimes inspired by photographic images, they form the content of the subject. The elements from which Regina Moritz give her visual views, tell of spaces in which the viewer can rest. In contrast to the socio-historical metaphors of her oil paintings and installations, where the very searching of the viewer finds its place.

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