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In the presence of the artist

Valeriu Mladin’s  iconography and images are fundamentally ironic: This is the artists trademark. The painter often takes a critical artists look at contemporary world politics as he tackles such subjects in his paintings. Every single image structure becomes a metaphor of his vision, the creative process aimed at grasping the world, at coming to term s with it as well as at rendering his understanding of the world accessible to the others.

To inquire ever more complex subjects, the artist creates comprehensive series of paintings in which he sets an ironic distance between him, the figures and the objects which he then questions with great artistic audacity. His project 44 brings the most recent American history center stage. Complex factual truth blends in with personal experiences with heighten the intensity, of the subjectively motivated picture montage. His paintings rely on a subtly conceived layering of meaning. Realistically painted motifs and minutely rendered figures help intensify his critique of events and facts that shape the world. A.M.A.

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