Duration: 07.04-30.04.2021

Mirela Traistaru born 1972 is originally from Bistrita, Romania and  graduated from the Ion Andreescu Academy of Visual Arts (Clothes Design and Painting Sections) in Cluj-Napoca and has a master’s degree in painting from the Bucharest University of Arts. She is currently a PhD student at the Western University of Timisoara, department Body painting. As painter, costume designer, graphic designer, set designer, specialist in body painting, monumental works and curator she is considered an “unparalleled” artist, not only for her remarkable talent, impressive achievements and career, but also due to the variety and complexity of her creation.

She has over 60 personal exhibitions and over 130 groups, 21 theatre plays in which she signed costumes or stage design. Since 1995 has a rich activity in theatrical and television productions. She has signed costumes and scenography in shows directed by Lucian Giurchescu, Sanda Manu, Gelu Colceag, Ion Lucian, Ion Mircioaga or Anca Colteanu. Illustrated books and had dozens of fashion presentations. Marinela Traistaru’s artworks were exhibited among others in Japan, India, Switzerland, Holland, France, Poland, Denmark, Turkey, Serbia, Bulgaria, Hungary, Ukraine, USA, Egypt, Morocco and Austria. ⒸMirela Traistaru



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