KunsTour Salzburg 2015


Opening: Tuesday, 24.11.2015, 6:30pm
The artist is present
Presentation: Dr. Gerbert Frodl
Duration: 25.11.2015-25.12.2015

Address: artlet art gallery, Wolf Dietrich Strasse 4, 5020 Salzburg, Austria


The works of Ion Mandrescu form the artistic framework of the reception. On the occasion of the Romanian National Day, invites the Romanian Ambassador S.E. Bogdan Mazuru and Dr. Friedemann-Bachleitner Hofmann, the Honory Consul of Romania in Salzburg, Tirol and Vorarlberg.

Ion Mandrescu’s statue Man Time, Space shows that humankind is not imprisoned within a sphere or circle, but can also escape via the spiral of destiny.  The works message about the human condition is one of optimism: accept the inevitable with courage. The captive figure imprisoned by the symbolic wheel, cross, spiral, reminds of Don Quixote, who braved derision to follow his dreams. Council of Europe Art Collection Catalogue, 2009


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