loreta statts


Opening: Friday, 9.5.2014, 7:00pm
The artist is present
Duration: 10.5.2014-16.6.2014

At first sight, works by Loretta Stats look like colourful, if somewhat confusing, combinations of freely interwoven bizarre lines and colours.  Grids and figurative elements are layered on almost abstract colour fields. The motifs employed, reduced to mere contour lines, sometimes apparently vanish underneath: they define and at the same time control the painting. Conversely, the painting defines and controls them. However, upon closer inspection, spontaneously and randomly chosen subjects come to the fore: text fragments rub shoulders with trivial, quote-like elements of everyday life, be it personal or of general relevance.

The artist plays with perception as much as she does with the onlooker: depending on angle and focus point, familiar details take on and reveal new meanings. As if governed by optical illusion, new visual worlds emerge fostered by a game of hide and seek. This type of hiding away is, to quote Kafka’s 1911 Diary, “both visible and invisible. It is visible to those who discovered where to look, and invisible to those who have no clue as to what is still waiting to be discovered”. S. Müllegger


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