art gallery

Curator: Olivia Nitis

Opening: Friday, 21.11.2014, 7:00pm
In the presence of the artist
Duration: 22.11.2014-28.2.2015

‘Marilena Preda Sânc works mainly interdisciplinary and uses different kinds of media such as drawings, paintings, objects, photographs, art books, media installations and performances. She has been crossing worlds since the 1980s placing in balance the sensitivities of the inner world with aggression of the outside, thus creating a body of work with its own aesthetics linked with an artistic formation developed with the context of the former East-European Block and the specific orientations of the 90s. The political and artistic leap from the 80s to the  90s has determined the appearance of a conceptual and visual bridge connecting the interest for geological constructions and the personal body as self-referential method of understanding movement and space with the impulses of confronting social power relationships, breaking and entering its mechanisms. Olivia Nitis

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