Opening: Wednesday, 24.4.2019, 7:00pm
The artist is present
Duration: 25.4.2019-31.5.2019
3D Virtual Tour:


The reading of Bogdan Molea’s images generates a dichotomy of two hypotheses. That of the creation of utopia, a perceived positive endeavor to enrich our lives ground through design and production based on technology and driven by aesthetically derived needs, as opposed to that of a dystopia, the potentially destructive results of this actions and the unstoppable accumulation of products, ultimately the flood of detritus.

The painted textures have been reduced to a minimum to shift the focus on the shapes and drawing qualities, a method reminiscent of the practice of historical painters such as Raphael Sanzio, Albrecht Dürer, or Jean-Auguste –Dominique Ingres. A sincere, personal, underlying, motivation is given by the genuine pleasure of painting and the ability of creating an illusion on a flat surface.

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