black and white art


Opening: Tuesday, 10.10.2017, 7:00pm
Stefan Nützel is present
Duration: 11.10.2017-22.10.2017

Ada Muntean explores the gloomy, sensitive side of things that shape our lives on a conscious as well as unconscious level. The artist is confronted with the loss of innocence and identity, in a powerful portrait of a society fragmented by her own ignorance and obsession.

Stefan Nützel deals in his series “Intime Distanzen” with the various forms of intimacy and opens up insights into the subliminal, the hidden, the untold – a thematic continuum in the artistic oeuvre of the artist. The focus is on the human being with his intimate and interpersonal interdependencies, and the drawing cycle of the work portrays these scenes full of erotic attention, dedication and intimacy, but equally deeply melancholy and reflective.


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