suzana dan artworks


Opening: Wednesday, 21.10.2015, 7:00pm
The artist is present
Duration: 22.10.2015-24.11.2015

The exhibition shows two series of works completed over the last ten years.

As Erwin Kessler noted on the occasion of her last exhibition in Bucharest, “Suzana Dan is one of the few artists who have deformed / reformed the Romanian art at the beginning of the noughties by professing an avowedly flippant art. A type of art that was withering away the local public’s customs and expectations, sunk deep into rather orthodox cultural, aesthetic and spiritual pursuits. Suzana Dan drives painting up the wall, getting all sorts of fluids flowing from it, letting them out in the open as if to horripilate and instruct the beholder concurrently. In time, this searching instruction – never-ending and constantly reconsidered – has built an edifice, eccentric yet fragile as living art always is.” Erwin Kessler

“In the last twenty years of my life I stubbornly insisted to see things in a certain way, firmly believing that what I see and what I do is good. I am soon coming to that age when I will be forced to draw a conclusion like everyone else having lived half way through their lives. Was it good? Was it bad? How bad is it to discover half way through your life that you have been living in a continuous error? Can you still rise and continue on your way? If so, which way? Over the past fifteen years I have painted taming the fears in my heart, laughing and crying at the same time. I was not afraid to laugh at myself, just as in my adolescence people were laughing at me saying I was ugly. I learned to live with the idea that inner beauty is what matters in life and I will try to teach my child the same delightful lie. And several times I came close enough to the brink to see how much we matter in this world and how important our presence here is. I crashed loving people and said that there is room for other falls as surprising as the first. And every time I said that it is normal for each of us to fall down at some point or another. For good?” Suzana Dan

“Sitting on Bruised Knees with a Smirk on Her Face” contains diary entry works that mix everyday incidents with the fantastic tales, superstitions and the iconic fancy of contemporary society. Another approach to the main theme in this exhibition is represented by the “Falling Down while Staring at a Fixed Point” group of works in which the images catch (obsessively like in the “Waiting for the Perfect Moment” series) that void in time, fragments of images – flashes of memories or dreams, of no particular significance, fixed points of view that every one of us are staring at for uncounted minutes while “falling down”. Those images are coming back out of nowhere, not bearing any aesthetic connotation, mere memories of falling down inside our own being.

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