Victoria Zidaru

She was born 1956 in Liteni, Suceava, Romania. From 1978 to 1983 she studied at the Institute of Fine Arts Nicolae Grigorescu.
Her artwork includes paintings, graphics, sculpture and embroidery. Her works have a natural purity, made from handmade paper, cloth and medicinal herbs. ⒸA.D.

Victoria Zidaru with a strong objective presence directed towards metaphysical reading, creates an installation of both austerity and a banquet of senses. The symbolical and definite spiritual intent is only counterbalanced by the materiality of her “objects”. The unifying line between “Heaven and Earth” is ensured and the presence of the natural fragrances and textures are pointing to a deeper meaning and other dimensions, suggested through the “writings”, signs and symbols needed for the guidance of one’s journey. Victoria’s work relies heavy on a laborious process of tackling the matter and submitting it, while practicing a very particular “Way”, apparent in her compositions and the entire configuration of her installations.

Her endeavours seems to point to a ritualistic action and the actual objects have the power of energetically charged elements. The artist is committed to this permanent practice and her installations evolve naturally from a show to another with uninterrupted effort and dedication. This is her “modus vivendi”.

Due to the materials used, the work has an archaic aura and that creates the atemporal dimension. Vital energies embodied in the dried fibres still emanate and the whole process appears to be that of “recreation” of a lost Paradise. Sometimes Victoria is giving us hints that we are still living in such a place, but we are unable or unprepared to see it. She is “helping” us understanding that all, on a metaphorical and conceptual level. ⒸBogdam Molea


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